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Arif Khan

I will not make you great, I will expose your greatness.


About Arif

I was born a unique one of a kind human, there has never been one like me in the past, there is no one like me currently and there will never be one like me ever. This is what it means to be human, each and every one of us is born unique and one of a kind.

Yet we spend all of our lives trying to emulate someone else, WHY? I do not believe in emulating anyone. What I offer to the world is an original never before seen or heard individual. My approach to coaching is based on this premise. I can not and will not make you great, however, I can and will expose your greatness.

If you are serious about your life, and what it can and should be then let us begin the greatest of all journeys of your life, that is self-discovery.

The fundamental nature of my approach is that the coach and client are active collaborators. The relationship is an alliance among equals for meeting the client’s needs.

The four cornerstones of this approach are that i) the Client is creative, resourceful, and whole, ii) the Client provides the agenda, iii) The coach is shifting and dancing in the moment and, iv) Coaching addresses the client’s whole life.

  • New Mexico, United States
Who I Help
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Executives
  • Professionals
  • Small Business Owners