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About Suzanne

I am Suzanne Lindsay Holt, an EMCC and ILM accredited coach based in lovely West Yorkshire.

I first discovered coaching as part of a Leadership Development Programme and it was the closest thing to work place magic and I was instantly hooked.

I qualified as a coach in 2012 and I’ve spent 10 years coaching leaders, emerging leaders and parents in a Local Government Environment. In 2021 I established my own coaching business and I am thrilled to connect with you here. 

I am a 43 year old mum to a 6 year old superhero loving force of nature named Thomas (or Hulk, depending on the day!).

My big secret is ... that I hated returning to work after maternity leave! I felt like I had lost my purpose, motivation and confidence! I also felt like I had lost part of what made me - ME! 

It was like the old work me had vanished. It took me longer to make decisions and I second guessed everything. I felt like a square peg in a round hole and my self confidence was at rock bottom!

I learnt a lot of tools and techniques during my first two years back after maternity leave! I use many of my these in my coaching! 

I have a huge belief in coaching and everything it can help you to achieve. 

INSIDE coaching represents everything I’ve learned in the 10 years of being a coach and being a mum.

If you’ve returned to work in the last 12 months and you’ve noticed a drop in your confidence, well-being and motivation, please get in touch. I would love to help you to reconnect with your strengths and the spark that makes you - YOU!

  • United Kingdom
  • BSc Behavioural Science
  • EMCC Senior Practitioner
  • ILM Level 7
Who I Help
  • Leaders
  • Mums
  • Working parents