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Lisa Towers

Simply Anxious - I Help Women Find Freedom from Anxiety


About Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa, the face behind Simply Anxious and someone passionate about helping women find freedom from anxiety. I am also an author of the self help book 'Notes on Anxiety Recovery.'

Anxiety has been in my life for decades as a sufferer, an advocate doing my bit to break the stigma. I ran a nationwide mental health support network to help people in the workplace feel seen, heard and supported. I travelled the UK raising mental health awareness, attended high-profile mental health events, appeared on TV, Radio and was awarded a medal from the Queen for my voluntary work in mental health. You could say I was on a mission to turn a negative into a positive and bring mental well-being in parity with physical well-being.

So the natural thing for me was to one day go on to help others break free from their fear of anxiety to live the life they deserve.

I tried absolutely everything to recover from my anxiety disorder and was beginning to lose hope. Thankfully I stumbled across Dr Claire Weekes, and with her guidance and my determination, I found a way out of that restrictive anxious loop and went on to make a full recovery. Recovery is not easy, but it is obtainable. You just need the right kind of support, encouragement and motivation to succeed. And that's where I can help you!

As a certified NLP and Mindset Coach with a lot of experience in anxiety, from suffering for over a decade to achieving a full recovery. I help women develop a healthier understanding of anxiety and fear, which empowers them to move forward in their recovery so they can live a life free from the thoughts and behaviours that have kept them stuck, stole their freedom and robbed all their
enjoyment of life.

I use the same method that helped me free myself from disordered anxiety. I provide the tools, insight, encouragement and motivation to empower you to push through your fear and find freedom. I only work with clients who are ready to do the work.

I am not a medical professional; therefore, I do not offer therapy.

  • United Kingdom
  • Certified NLP Coach
Who I Help
  • Women
  • Women ready to do the work and recover
  • Women struggling to step out of their comfort zone