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Brian Branagan

Coaching Conversational and Listening Intelligence


About Brian

I am a certified professional coach who offers harried leaders caught between tight project deadlines and demanding stakeholders a place to pause, reflect and re-tool.

I decided to become a coach because I want others to experience the same benefit I received from the excellent coaching I got during my 25+ years as a technology manager working in high-intensity environments at Adobe, Getty Images, RealNetworks, and F5 Networks. My coach talked me off the ledge on several occasions and showed me how to take care of myself, my family, and my team while producing great results.

From the first session, I show clients how to convert insights into behaviors through simple practices that shift their situations. My clients have increased their impact in their organizations, gotten promoted to senior management positions, and reduced workplace stress.

As a certified Conversational Intelligence coach, I show people how to speak up, be heard, and create results. I am also a certified ECHO Listening Intelligence practitioner who works with global teams to bridge the communication gaps caused by virtual distance.

I have coached senior leaders and individual contributors from companies such as:
* VMware
* Genentech
* Fidelity
* Northwestern Mutual

I support high-potential employees on the following topics:
* Leading Global Teams
* Re-adjusting Life/Work Boundaries
* Increasing Personal Resilience
* Creating Powerful 1-1s
* Building Trust

My work as a Conversational Leadership Coach is influenced by my mentors:
* Jerry Weinberg, author of Becoming a Technical Leader
* Bob Dunham, founder of The Institute for Generative Leadership
* Judith D. Glaser, author of Conversational Intelligence, and
* David Drake, author of Narrative Coaching

  • Washington, United States
  • ICF-Credentialed Professional Coach, Certified in Convesational Intelligence