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About Marta

My heart is filled with gratitude, having led and contributed to high caliber, diverse teams for over 30 years. I worked to strategically place stones paving the pathway of my journey. It is true, life happens while we are busy making other plans. Unexpected life rocks roll, sometimes drop in and become permanent pavers in our paths. My most recent life rock drop, completely altered my career trajectory. It is in these moments; we may find ourselves vulnerable to circumstances. Learning to embrace what we do not know, being uncomfortable, purposely pause and welcome opportunities to explore what each life rock can offer is why I coach.

I am passionate in my commitment to coaching and serve as a trusted thought partner to CEOs, executive leaders, university administrators, faculty, authors, internal/external coaches, and teams.

I share courage through coaching to help individuals identify pathways, gain clarity, and confront matters in need of change. Holding a safe space, I’m fueled to ignite imagination, listen beyond surface levels to encourage creativity in order to transcend traditional ideas and/or self-limiting beliefs to challenge assumed constraints.

  • Wisconsin, United States
  • ACE-Accelerated Coaching Excellence
  • Certified Leadership Coach - 2RL
  • Gallup-Certified Global Strengths Coach
Who I Help
  • Academic Faculty
  • Authors
  • Coaches
  • Executive Leaders
  • Military Leaders
  • Police Chiefs
  • Teams
  • University Administrators