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About Lucy

I have the ability to bridge the realms of the conscious and unconscious mind and a very skillful way of helping others see and accept things they have been running from for a long time. There is no place within any human psyche I can’t travel to and help others through. I’ve lived through my own fair share of pain, and found my way through it by relying on my wits and heart to guide me. A gentle and kind empath, I can see situations and problems from every conceivable angle so completely it can feel as if I am the other person. I feel completely at home in the realm of both strong emotions and steel-like logic. I’m highly psychic, and intuitively possess a comprehensive understanding of universal principles, and have a knack for helping others “tune into” their own knowing of them as well.

  • Canada
  • Certified Professional Coach
  • Change Management Professional
  • Human Resources Management Professional
  • Hypnosis Master Practitioner
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Timeline Therapy Master Practitioner
Who I Help
  • Empaths
  • Highly Sensitive People
  • Women,