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Jordan Kilpatrick

Happiness is just one thought away


About Jordan

Do you feel like you've tried EVERYTHING to solve your anxiety?

Have therapy, counselling, and medication all failed to give you the happiness and self-esteem you've been looking for?

If so, check this out because in this intro I'm going to explain to you how anxiety actually works and how to solve it.

Hi, I'm Jordan Kilpatrick!

I'm an internationally certified Health Coach, Life Coach, I have a BSc in Kinesiology, and am currently completing on my master's in psychotherapy.

More importantly, I've been where you are and worked my butt off to become someone who can change your life.

I used to struggle every minute of the day with low self-esteem, anxiety, and fear I wasn't going to be good enough.

It crippled my life and stopped me from being able to show up as the person I knew I could be.

After spending over $30,000 on coaches and mentors, reading a mountain of books on spirituality, metaphysics, psychology, and philosophy, and coaching dozens of clients through these challenges, I finally realized how to solve anxiety.

Here's really quickly how it works:

We all know the negative thoughts and feelings that we associate with anxiety, but where do THESE come from?

As it turns out, they come from our Belief Systems.

Your beliefs are the things you have agreed are "true" about yourself and the world.

As it turns out, MANY of these are not actually true, and instead, are rooted in fear.

This causes us to feel not good enough, like bad things will happen, like we will fail, like people won't like us, etc... Maybe you've felt some of this before?

What we need to do is REWRITE the beliefs to things that are based on truth. When you do this, anxiety will basically walk itself out of your life.
(PSST - if you want to see if this actually works, go check out my website - there are plenty of testimonials there)

While this can take care of 95% of anxiety, we also need to be able to manage anxiety when it does come up.

If you'd like to be taken step-by-step through how to change your belief systems, what to believe instead, as well as how to dissolve anxiety in a matter of minutes, just reach out.

I'm here to help.

Talk soon,


  • Canada
  • Hon. BSc Kinesiology
  • ICF Certified Health Coach
  • ICF Certified Life Coach
  • (In Progress) MA Counselling Psychology
Who I Help
  • Millennials