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About P.

I am Priestess Shananda, walking the path of Goddess as Her priestess, rooted on the land of the original peoples of the Cheyenne, Arapaho, Kiowa, Ute, Navajo, Apache, Shoshone, Comanche, and Pueblo tribes of Colorado.
I’ve been on my spiritual path for over a decade receiving formal training in the early 2000, in the pagan practices of Wiccan traditions.
I am of mixed cultural heritage embracing all in balance. My personal studies have led me to draw from my ancestral knowledge of indigenous and African American origins with guidance from the elementals of the four directions.
I am a holistic and spiritual teacher, advisor, and coach who works within a framework of facilitating an individual’s journey of self exploration ,specifically those identifying as women entrepreneurs who are empaths, and highly sensitives , Loving oneself and becoming present with one’s self is an intimate journey into the deepest parts of self. It is a relationship that needs nurturing daily
I would be honored to act as a pillar of support, standing beside you as facilitator as you embark up your exciting journey of self discovery
Although this journey may feel unfamiliar and uncomfortable, it can help to have support from someone that can create a space that is safe and nurturing that hopefully will enable you to travel into those deeper parts of your self, someone that will hold space with you to hold those emotions
My programs are catered for the individual
Not all sessions will not be the same, and this is because of the changes that will begin to take place within you
Working with me will help you to honor all parts of yourselves that you discover. This work will require a lot of Commitment and the level of commitment you give to your work happens when you are ready
The change will create a lifestyle where you are receiving the healing that you are seeking
Our time together will be a ritual that will become part of your me time

Additional ways that we can work together are available via work shops, classes and sacred offerings that provide you with a strong foundation for your body, mind and spirit

I am in the present moment utilizing my skills to assist/facilitate women on their path of spiritual sovereignty through individualized structure which includes intuitive counseling.

I draw upon my educational background of grief and loss, psychology, and clinical mental health focusing on a holistic mind, heart and, body centered approach.

  • Colorado, United States