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About Tracie

Do you feel like stress keeps building and building and no matter what you do it doesn’t stop? It’s like a runaway train - no breaks, no off-ramp and no way to prevent a crash!

If you find yourself wrestling with work life balance and you’re a high achieving woman with a mission, it isn’t possible!

It’s another myth that operates just below the surface – we could have it all if we just worked at it a little more. 🥺

Most of us were told that we can do and be anything. Just follow the success formula this success formula:

• Get a great education
• Land a fabulous job making great money
• Find a wonderful partner
• Settle down, but not before you travel the world
• Have couple of kids who’ll be smart, polite and problem free
• By the time you’re in your 40’s you’ll have made it!

Stress piles up when you have a career to manage, people who need your attention and dreams of your own that keep getting moved to the bottom of the list.

It's a recipe for burnout!

When you give up the struggle and stop trying to ‘have it all’ you can create something so much better.

If you have two loves – your work and your family you need a system that supports you in the ebb and flow of expectations, time commitments and goals. It’s not about balance it’s about work life harmony.

You’re probably ready for change if this is you -

You’ve tried EVERYTHING, like; therapy, meditation classes, yoga, working out, stress management classes, watching Ted Talks, and your nightstand is overloaded with personal growth and self-help books, and who knows what else, but you are still stuck.

You do a ton of work and try doing things differently, but you’re simply NOT seeing the results. Nothing really seems to open up the pressure valve to let the steam out. Before you know it, the steam is boiling over - overwhelmed and feeling out of control.

The solution is getting into a work life flow that works for you with the Powerful Calm System.

The 3 Components of the Powerful Calm System:

1. Emotional Mastery - deeply know your emotional stress and how to be calm and clear in any situation.

2. Clear Communication - compassionately speak to yourself and others that’s in alignment with the situation.

3. Well-being Habits – practice habits that keep you present, aware and connected in your relationships with self and others.

When you create a work life harmony, life flows, because you’re calm, clear and connected with your unique ebb and flow of life.

If you’re ready for a change, send me a DM or drop me an email.

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  • Maryland, United States
Who I Help
  • female entrepreneurs
  • female leaders
  • mid-life women