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About Leonora

Hi! I’m Leonora

Are the small things falling to the bottom of the pile?
Are you being accountable to yourself? For years, I have been researching and l looking for the right system to get me organized, but most of holding me accountable to MYSELF. I found project management systems, task lists, reminders, and every other system out there. Then I fell into the dreaded:

"All I need to do is sell!!"
Nope, not right!!!! Don't get me wrong, sales are super important, but how are you going to keep this clients if you can't follow up or are always waiting to the last minute to prepare for a deadline.

I am a Business Coach specializing in Organizational Management ~ yep Organizational Management! I know who thinks about that?​ There are so many aspects of being a small business owner or where ever you work that cause you stress and anxiety - risking your health - on a daily basis. (Take it from me that is not fun!)

TODAY is the day where you begin the journey to creating a way for you to enjoy your business and your life!

  • Minnesota, United States
Who I Help
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