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About Kimberly

I help women who are passionate about food end chronic restrictive dieting and lose weight WHILE eating what they love.

I know how you feel - you want to be DONE with dieting.

You’re so tired of eating bland, boring food, feeling hangry, and having to count, measure, and track every last morsel.

You’re feeling defeated, stuck, and hopeless on restrictive diets you can’t stick to.

You’ve tried every plan, app, and “lifestyle” but nothing works long-term because they all take away the food you love.

You’re exhausted by feeling self-conscious and thinking about your weight all the time - you just want to enjoy your life.

I get it. I’ve been where you are and I know how to help you.

As a former Chef and Certified Sommelier, I thought I was never going to lose weight because I just loved food too much.

I thought my only options were to suffer through the deprivation diets OR to give up on my goals.

But I promise you this: you don’t have to sacrifice the life you want to lose weight. You can have fun with food every day AND reach your goals.

As an Advanced Certified Weight Loss & Mindset coach, I help women lose weight without giving up a SINGLE thing, so that they can fully enjoy the food they love AND feel amazing.

Diets give you a list of impossible rules and restrictions and zero support when life gets crazy or you have intense cravings for the food you love. It’s no surprise they don’t work.

But I’ve created a simple process to help women lose weight without starving, suffering, or cutting anything out. My clients learn how to stop overeating and emotional eating, so they can enjoy all the foods they love WHILE losing weight.

In just 12 weeks:
You’ll feel healthier and more confident.
You’ll LIKE what you’re seeing in the mirror and on the scale.
You’ll be feeling proud instead of uncomfortable.
And you’ll be enjoying your life, not hiding from it.

You’ll have all the tools and strategies you need to keep the weight off for life, and you’ll be enjoying the food you love all the way down the scale.

Stop wasting your precious time, money, and energy on restrictive diets that don’t work for YOUR lifestyle.

Restriction-free weight loss IS possible for you.

You can have an easy, peaceful, drama-free relationship with food AND the rest of your life in a body you love.

  • New Jersey, United States
  • Advanced Certified Weight Loss Coach
  • Certified Professional Coach
  • The Life Coach School Certified
  • Trauma-Informed
Who I Help
  • Habit Change Coach
  • Restriction-Free Weight Loss Coach
  • Stop Overeating Coach
  • Women's Coach