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About Sònia Victoria

We often hear the clichés "the world is your oyster" and "you only live once" and "life is short" but none of these inspirational quotes provide any guidance on what to do with that oyster, that one life, that "short" time span. That's where I come in!

Hi! I'm Sònia Victoria Werner, a certified transformation coach and artist. I'm also the founder of Werner Learning & Coaching, which encompasses the enrichment of the mind, heart, and soul. I work primarily with artists, creatives, students, or a combination of all of the above! As a first-generation American growing up around the world, I strive to be the person I wish I had as a kid. This means demystifying the industry, the process of growing up, stress reduction practices, and finding the best and most fulfilling loopholes along the way.

My focus as a coach is to aid in...
* Identifying your powerful essence & purpose and what to do with that purpose.
* Digging deeper into potential obstacles and limitations that are preventing you from reaching your current potential (notice I didn't say fullest, because only we define that!)
* Establishing a road map together to guide the way and make the future a little (or a lot!) less daunting.
* Breaking down dreams and goals into achievable steps to strengthen and affirm your path.
* Empowering you with tangible techniques, practices, and resources to give you the confidence to continue growing in and outside of sessions.
* Practicing healthy habits that allow you to thrive on the day to day.

My approach is...
* warm
* compassionate
* non-judgmental
* curious
* supportive
* empathetic
* conversational
* and sometimes even a little funny (I try ;))

Take a moment and invest in YOU! Internal as well as external health. This is the first step and it's a courageous one. I'm honored you're considering taking it with me :).

Accessibility and affordability in coaching is of the utmost importance to me. My belief is that cost should not be a barrier to help, support, and education. Please contact me to learn more!

I so look forward to connecting with you!

  • New York, United States
  • Certified Transformation Coach from Accredited Transformation Academy
Who I Help
  • Actors
  • Creatives
  • Hispanic Folks
  • Innovators
  • LGBTQIA+ Artists
  • Multi-Hyphenates
  • Students on a Budget
  • Teens
  • Those Feeling Stuck
  • Those Looking to Transform
  • Young People