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Bailey Feldman

Redefining the female experience through coaching. Women's leadership coaching and Women's maternity & work transition coaching


About Bailey

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Bailey, founder of Fount + Flourish. This project has allowed me to merge my love of people, gathering, purpose, and growth. To lift up individuals, families, and communities through coaching. It was created in response to my dream and pursuit to honor and strengthen the impact of women in the world around us. My husband and I live in the DMV area with our three little girls, dog, and chickens.

Professionally, I am a leadership consultant and leadership coach. I have spent my career focused on people and fostering relationships, bringing people and groups closer together and closer to achieving their goals. I have a huge heart for gathering and a passion for ensuring people lean into a life of purpose and meaning, especially women.

I realized that in order to achieve this, we must redefine the female experience. We have to document our current experience and then pivot, tear down, build up, and reconstruct the one we want to have. This needs to both occur on a personal level AND a collective level. Redefining what it means to be female in our families, our communities, and our workplaces. As a gatherer at heart, space lies at the center of this effort. The creation of physical and mental space to learn, enjoy, and connect. Fount, as a space and source to provide deep nourishment to the mind, body, and soul of women in our community, and Flourish as a space to support vigorous development and growth of individuals and groups.

Flourish Coaching serves as a vessel to uncover what’s already within. I focus on women in leadership, whether already in a leadership position or working towards taking on more leadership responsibilities. As a mom, I also know the critical time it is to navigate you're growing and changing family with work and life. I have developed a coaching program that is specific to supporting women in preparing for maternity leave as well as re-entry into the workforce at the end of that leave.

Sound like something you're looking for? Let’s talk and see how we can partner to find greater purpose and possibility in your life.

  • Maryland, United States
Who I Help
  • Moms Getting Back to Work
  • Rising Female Leaders
  • Soon-to-Be Moms
  • Women in Leadership
  • Working Mothers