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About Sagan

Sagan Morrow (she/her) is a Personal Fulfillment Coach who helps you build a better relationship with yourself. She's also an anti-hustle Productivity Strategist & Success Coach for small business owners, solo entrepreneurs, and multi-passionate creatives: she teaches you how to get clear & focused on your goals, design a business that WORKS for your beautifully unique situation, manage your time more efficiently so you can be your most productive self, and save 10 hours/week... without the burnout or overwhelm.

Sagan has over a decade of experience in business—as a communications specialist, freelance writer/editor, blogger, and consultant, before she began teaching online courses and coaching other entrepreneurs—so she has a lot of experience in understanding what does (and doesn't) work for building a business... especially for solopreneurs. She's been teaching and coaching other entrepreneurs to get powerful results since 2016.

Beyond that, Sagan also has a background of professional experience in public relations, community leadership, fundraising & development, the non-profit sector, and coordinating & managing teams. She's an alumnus of the Anti-Racism Leadership School.

Sagan is on a mission to make solopreneurship easy and enjoyable, for every solopreneur who comes across her path. She specializes in supporting clients at a deep level, customizing sessions to fully support you and your wants/needs, so that you experience the results you desire using enjoyable strategies that light you up.

  • Canada
  • Internationally board-certified Life & Success Coach (IBCP — Magnetic Coach)
  • Practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques
Who I Help
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers
  • People stuck in a negative self-talk spiral
  • Solopreneurs