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About Zawadi

As an Intuitive Healer| Life Coach Embodiment Spiritual Doula| Transformational Speaker| Creative| Visionary| Writer| Poet| Social Justice Activist| Women's Rights and Reproductive Freedom Advocate| DEIJustice leader. Spiritual enlightenment and physical, emotional, and mental health are imperative to creating a sacred space for embodied harmony. Awakening into miraculous harmony, dancing, and flowing in wholeness, positioning to give birth to divine destiny, unveiling purpose. Oneness within self is the journey of womb healing, soul cleansing, and oneness with God, the journey of purpose, peace, love, compassion, grace, and forgiveness. Oneness within self the journey of womb healing and soul cleansing, the sacred call to wholeness and Harmony!

  • Georgia, United States
  • Any one who is ready to do the work