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Jess Davis

Helping Christian women reconnect with their true identity in Christ, discover their powerful gifts, and create a vision & a plan for their life.


About Jess

You're tired of just existing.
You feel like you're not getting anywhere in life, or totally unsure what to do next.
You feel a deep sense that God is calling you to something purpose filled and meaningful, but are full of doubt.
You're unsure what your gifts even are, let alone how to use them
You have no vision for your life, and therefore no plan
This cycle leaves you feeling purposeless, hopeless, and ashamed.
You've tried your best to "figure it out" all on your own, but my dear sister, you don't have to. I spent 10 years learning many hard lessons and gaining wisdom and skills so that I can save you a decade or more of your life. Your time is precious. Stop trying to do it on your own. Invest for a season with me, and let me give you all the tools I've learned to finally break this cycle of misery.

  • Colorado, United States