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Pallas (Athena) Morrissey

Turn the corner on a thief of joy!


About Pallas (Athena)

I am a Spiritual Life Coach who helps people transform their mindset by overcoming their limiting beliefs and mental blocks tied to trauma so that they can move out of sadness, anger, and anxiety.

Empath - Author - Single Mom - Trauma Survivor
I help you get past the emotional challenges in your journey so you can live the life you want by design. I have had to overcome my own challenges in life and used the same techniques I teach in doing so to accomplish that.

Self-help course - Reset Your Mindset in 30 Days
1 on 1 coaching sessions in 25 and 50. minute increments

  • Colorado, United States
  • Advanced Hypnosis
  • Cognitive Behavior Technique
  • Professional Life Coaching
  • Rational Emotional Behavior Technique
Who I Help
  • Individuals with limiting beliefs on a path of growth and self improvement