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About Iyo

I specialize in coaching for transformation and seek to equip individuals, teams and organizations to thrive through change and uncertainty. I developed a coaching model that centers the interplay between narrative and cultural identity and focuses on shifting one's perception of what is possible. A former COO and Head of People & Culture, I partner with growth minded individuals, groups and organizations to remove barriers to creative safety and cultural transformation. I support those who are eager to gain the mindset, strategies and skills required to build what comes next with authenticity and wholehearted intention grounded in their unique gifts and talents. My clients span tech, health, law, finance, creative industries and work at companies such as Gusto, Google, TIPCO, Twitter, Mozilla, Etsy, PayPal, IDEO, Slack, Figma, HP, Okta, LinkedIn and others. All coaching engagements are virtual and I work with clients around the world.

  • Wyoming, United States
Who I Help
  • Individuals, pairs and teams that want to thrive through change and uncertainty