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Angela Knight

"People won't give a damn about your business until your business cares about your people"


About Angela

As an executive in the retail world working for world class brands for more than 30 years, One of the things that I loved the most about my job was building high performing teams, relationships and coaching and mentoring leaders to achieve their personal best and their own career goals, so much so that I invested in my own professional development and became a Certified Professional Coach helping people with their careers and I have recently expanded my offerings to coaching and consulting for businesses, executive leaders and teams.

Throughout my career I've experienced first hand what accelerates businesses to achieve monumental success year over year as well as how quickly they can crumble if they don't remain agile and evolve along with the rapidly changing world around them.

I have found that all too often there can be a disconnect between an organizations goals, priorities are and what is actually happening in the field due to a lack of transparent communication, anticipation of what's around the corner and how to get ahead of it. One of the biggest barriers is the disconnect between an organization and it's people. Nothing can sink a company faster than one filled with employees of "quiet quitters" because they aren't happy and they don't really care anymore because they don't feel like anyone cares about them.

We've experienced historical change over the last few years and never before has it become more critical that businesses and leaders remain agile in their ability to adapt to a rapidly changing world and the rapidly changing needs of their people.

Old Paradigms no longer work and sometimes that can be unsettling. My coaching method helps you to confidently navigate through this tremendous time of change and empower leaders and teams through an agile transformation process.

When I'm not at work, you'll probably find me hiking, kayaking or spending time with my family, enjoying a girls trip or just spending a fun night together laughing over a great bottle of wine. I have a very special place in my heart for all animals, but especially dogs! We have two of our own and I'll stop in my tracks if I see a dog to pet or cuddle and I also volunteer with Animal Aid to help transport dogs from other shelters or just to spend time with them until they find their forever home.

  • Virginia, United States