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Anastacia Townsend

Co-creating your blueprint for health


About Anastacia

Anastacia Townsend, LMT, Certified Bioenergetic Coach, Midwife, and Sacred Birthing Mentor, Sound Journey Facilitator,

As a bioenergetics practitioner since 1994, I have an extensive understanding of personal and energetic anatomy. My life’s work has been sharing the abilities I have acquired over 25 years as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Craniosacral Therapist, Midwife, educator, and healing facilitator.

I support others in the organic unfolding of healing based on their divine blueprint. My curiosity and grounded core wisdom recognize this moment as a deeper opportunity to share what I know at a critical time in planetary history.   I consider working with others to be a  Biodynamic Co-Creation; a subtle and gentle entire body-field approach to the human experience and healing art that works with the Divine Blue Print which creates and maintains health in the entire human system.
I love supporting anyone who’s ready to go the distance for personal healing transformation.

BioEnergetic Health, BioSync Scanning of the body field, Key Code Essenes and protocols, Mi Health PEMF sessions, Sacred Birthing Childbirth Classes/Mentoring, Infant Massage classes, Sound Journey sessions, Unique Events to Support your Bio-Spiritual Well Being.

  • Oregon, United States