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Jilli Warwicker

Coaching to help you THRIVE today and transform for tomorrow - making growth a priority without overstretching yourself!


About Jilli

Jilli Warwicker at Hikmaty ( Life^Work Coach, 21C Future Skills Guide, Creator and Curator) | (Change and Employee Engagement Consultant) and Energy and Ideas (Guide on the Side, Facilitator and Community Builder). Yep - I have a portfolio career.

I have been coaching people for over two decades in my work. I am a Change Agent and have worked across the globe consulting, performance coaching plus designing and delivering programs to help people navigate new work worlds.

I have always had a strong interest in helping others develop their careers, personal development and a passion for lifelong learning. In addition to all my business skills and constantly skill building - I have a Masters in Change Agent Skills and Strategies, NLP Certification and Optimize Wellbeing Coaching Training.

I have trained extensively and learned from experiences to build my core and personal development skills, create a useful and engaging toolkit and develop my coaching style creatively to best serve my clients.

The last decade I have studied and built capabilities around those future skills (or as Mckinsey calls them 'Power Skills') that make a difference to people's careers. I could see what was emerging as megatrends and world events reshaped our working lives. I have coached early and mid career professionals to use these skills to differentiate themselves and get the opportunities they want.

I call it Life^Work as the two are so intertwined and I coach embracing those links. Not Work^Life because LIFE should lead and provide direction for work not the other way round.

I aim for inspiration, resourcefulness, practicality and resilience rather than theory. We need to explore the WHAT and WHY but coaching comes alive when we embrace the WHO and HOW - and do stuff that matters. The past is your lesson book, the here and now are the foundations and the future is about agency and unleashing your potential.

My two core personal transformation programs are LIFE Boost and CAREER Boost that support my training programs or they can be used as stand alone coaching. Every program has bespoke elements because it is geared to you, your life and your needs but I have time tested frameworks and structures that work to build on.

I also have an Executive Insights Program for busy ambitious Leaders or Entrepreneurs who want to focus and think differently to maximize their impact and performance in their key roles. The aim is to get more clarity, generate ideas, establish accountability and skill build to directly support them to consistently deliver.

Over the years many clients have asked me to work with their children to better prepare them for their future and work - so I also have a Confident Teen Program.

My career expertise centres on this business ‘people’ agenda including organisation development, business culture, change management, strategic communication, employee engagement, creativity and learning.

I have a track record in successfully delivering and implementing projects within the UK, Europe, Middle East and Globally. Working with a diverse range of clients from Global and UK Corporates to Government to Manufacturers and Professionals Firms to SME’s.

I adapt and I am resilient!

In my career so far - I have regularly refreshed and renewed my skills, reignited my career after a break, refocused after redundancy, reinvented to launch new businesses and rewired for the post pandemic new normal. I have worked in businesses leading and managing teams plus on businesses developing strategies.

This is ME! - come find me on LInkedIn.

I use these skills and the breadth of my life experiences in all my coaching. But our coaching relationship is actually much more about you, what you want from your Life^Work and how I can support you to get there. Let the adventure begin ...

  • United Kingdom
  • Masters in Change Agent Skills and Strategies
Who I Help
  • Ambitious early to mid Career Professionals.
  • Business Executives
  • SME Founders