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Mark Stokes, Jr

Essential Men: From Boyhood to Manhood in 90-Days.


About Mark

Helping fatherless young men who feel insecure and hopeless become confident, disciplined, men.

Essential Men: From Boyhood to Manhood in 90 Days is a 90-Day Transformational Coaching Experience.

The Essential Men program is designed to help young men transition from boyhood to manhood in just 90 days. It focuses on three key components: redefining masculinity, maintaining discipline and consistency, and establishing a secure identity. Each month of the program is dedicated to one of these components.

Month 1: Redefining Masculinity

The essential man understands the true meaning of manhood, which differs from the world's definition. This includes an understanding of the role men play, what true manhood looks like, and the purpose of men in this life.

In this first month, the essential man will get:
- The Hidden Key To Ruling Their Mind
- 7 Quick & Easy Ways To Getting Healthy Friendships
- & The Secret Formula for Maturing Their Character

Month 2: Maintaining Discipline & Consistency

This month, the essential man who is working towards self-improvement may start to question his path. He may wonder why it is in his best interest to change his ways and whether he should continue down the road of transformation. This is a normal part of the process, as our spirits may be willing but our flesh is weak. The essential man will understand the importance of maintaining discipline and consistency in their efforts. They will prioritize doing what is right and hold onto their integrity even when their emotions or the discomfort of transformation challenges them.

Essential men will:
- At Last, Get A Proven Solution To Controlling Anger
- Learn How To Avoid The 3 Most Dangerous Reprehensible Behaviors All Young Men Face
- Learn How To Grow Into A Wise Man

Month 3: Keep A Secured Identity

The essential man will know himself deeply and have confidence in who he is. He will strive to be a disciplined man, embracing the benefits and the feeling of officially entering manhood.

Essential men will:
- Discover The Fastest Method To Crush All Their Current Insecurities
- Find Out The Secret To Living In Peace
- Learn How To Walk In Love Like A Child

Our group coaching program is an absolute delight as we get to share our experiences and stories with our like-minded members in the coaching program. Additionally, it enables peers to gain valuable insights from other peers, which is truly invaluable.

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  • Pennsylvania, United States
  • Certified Life Coach
Who I Help
  • Young men