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Leilani Sáez , PhD | ACC

Helping overwhelmed adults mindfully work WITH their brains instead of AGAINST them, to live better.


About Leilani

I specialize in helping clients struggling with ADHD, aging concerns, brain fog, & high stress using my RESiLIEnt framework. As a university researcher for 20+ years, I studied how working memory, a cognitive process fundamental to most of what we do (whenever it’s not automatic), enables us to function well. Now as a coach, I educate, support, and facilitate insight around using our minds differently to find greater genuine success- the kind that comes from self-mastery. We have unique brain-wiring tendencies that shape how we are; my task is to help others better tap into their natural capacities so that they can flourish.

As a “guide on the side,” I work with clients to mindfully:

• Adopt brain-wellness habits (e.g., self-care & energy management, brain-healthy lifestyle choices, mindful practices & supports utilization)

• Learn how to work better with their unique brain wiring tendencies and/or changes in functioning

• Overcome limiting beliefs and undermining methods that insidiously create madness

so that they are clear, strong, & ready for whatever life brings them! :)

  • Oregon, United States
  • Certified Professional Coach
  • International Coaching Federation ACC
Who I Help
  • adults 40+