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Ron Cook

Transforming highly motivated, new and emerging leaders who want to make a difference in the world leading purpose-driven breakthrough projects.


About Ron

Give your team a fish and feed them for a day. Teach them to fish, and feed them for life. But equip and empower them to lead fishing projects and, together, you can feed the world!

I work with no-limits, emerging leaders who want to grow personally and professionally, build cohesive teams, and take on breakthrough projects that significantly impact their workplace and the world.

Employing a people-oriented approach to personal and professional development, I design, build, and facilitate learning experiences (training, coaching, mentoring) focused on transforming participants, not just informing them.

Action is my outcome objective! When participants come to me following a training, coaching, or mentoring engagement and let me know they enjoyed the program, I am grateful. When they come to me after a program and let me know they got a lot out of it. I am grateful and hopeful. But, when they come to me after a program and tell me. "This is what I am doing differently because of the program." I say, "Mission accomplished!"

♦ As a project-focused servant leader, I empower cross-functional teams to plan with insight and execute with excellence.
♦ As a training professional, I am a catalyst for growth and a passionate facilitator of lightbulb moments.
♦ As a coach/mentor, I am an outcome-oriented thinking partner, bridge builder, and barrier buster.

♦ Empowering emerging leaders.
♦ Serving first, leading second (Servant Leadership).
♦ Leading mission-critical projects since 1986.
♦ Training & coaching leaders since 2001.
♦ Helping people learn, rather than teaching them.
♦ Advocating for the potential inherent in every person.
♦ Embracing and encouraging a "No Limits" mindset.
♦ Inspiring individuals and teams to think bigger and achieve breakthrough outcomes.

  • Massachusetts, United States
  • 4 Stages of Psychological Safety Practitioner
  • Certified Professional Coach
  • Leadership Performance Index (LPI) Coach
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
Who I Help
  • New and Emerging Leaders
  • Program Managers/Leaders
  • Project Managers/Leaders