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Asha Rayner

I help you heal from your past, become a master in your own self-knowledge, and guide you as you transform into the her you have only ever dreamed about.


About Asha

I lived most of my life as an unaware neurodivergent trying my best to present myself as a neurotypical. After I got diagnosed, I had to reexamine absolutely everything about my personality, who I really was, and where my place was on this earth as a human being after feeling like an alien from another universe for so long.

This meant I had a big journey ahead of myself and a lot of my own healing to do. In the process I fell in love with the idea of helping others heal and guiding them as they rediscover themselves. In the past, I had always struggled to study, but after getting clear on the journey I wanted to take and how I wanted to show up for others, I couldn't stop myself from learning.

I am a certified MASTER transformational life coach, and currently studying NLP and Timeline hypnosis.

I know this is the journey I am supposed to be on. It lights be up inside to see my clients transform into the person they have always dreamed of becoming and I'm so grateful to be apart of their rebirth.

  • Australia
  • Certified MASTER Transformation Life Coach
  • NLP
Who I Help
  • Healing
  • Rebirth
  • Reclaim Identity
  • re-discovery
  • Women