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Svetlana Dimovski, PhD, ICF-PCC, NBC-HWC

Peak Performance, Self-Actualization, and Holistic Well-being Executive Coach. Facilitating breakthroughs when conventional wisdom falls short.


About Svetlana


Welcome to Sublime Shift Transformation Studio - bespoke executive coaching practice for those seeking masterful self-awareness and transformational high-impact results.

My name is Svetlana Dimovski, PhD, and I am an ICF-PCC and NBC-HWC credentialed professional executive coach with comprehensive experience in growing transformational leaders and their legacies.

I am the best coach to work with when conventional wisdom falls short, or when ambiguity, uncertainty, and stakes are high.


Sublime Shift Transformation Studio by Dharma Growth LLC is a coaching and personal development hub for transformational leaders, executives, creatives, builders, and innovators in business and tech.

We want to make the world more exciting by unlocking greater agency and creative potential in every person we reach.

We offer private client and corporate-sponsored coaching experiences for anyone seeking to unlock their peak performance, self-actualization, and holistic wellbeing.

Our leadership and personal development experiences facilitate insight, spark joy, encourage creativity, and hold space for magic, awe, and wonder.


My clients are executives, mission-driven leaders, innovators, business and technology builders, and entrepreneurs ready to grow their impact, presence, visibility, influence, and confidence.

If your gifts are creative insight, imagination, high sensory input with rich perception, or a unique perspective that comes from unconventional life experiences — and if you sometimes feel like a single voice in a group because you sense and see things differently, I can support you in speaking with confidence and impact, so that you can realize your potential and bring your best ideas to the world.

My coaching style is grounded and heartfelt, direct, integral, awareness-building, creative, intuitive, strategic, and transformational. I look forward to meeting you.


The present market climate offers a unique opportunity for professional coaches of all niches to bring their services in front of millions of new corporate-sponsored coaching clients across the globe. The new realities of the ecosystem-based platform economy are now changing the ways coaches compete, collaborate, and grow their coaching practice.

Learn how to position your coaching practice for a new decade of growth in the age of the platform economy with our Platform Coaches Accelerator Program accredited (CE) by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching:

  • Virginia, United States
  • Chopra Center Instructor in Primordial Sound Meditation
  • International Coach Federation credential (ICF-PCC)
  • National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC)
Who I Help
  • Career Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Executives
  • Founders
  • Rare talent / Gifted / Twice exceptional
  • Tech Leaders