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Kate Wade

Envision. Embrace. Exceed - Your Wildest Expectations. Let's work toward your goals together!


About Kate

Hi, if you are interested in reaching personal or professional goals, I am here for you.

As a founding partner of The Goalden System, I am an educator with a background in behavioral change, leadership, and coaching. Having earned a Master's Degree in Education Psychology, I have extensively studied the processes and impact of behavioral changes. With The Goalden System, you will utilize goal-setting strategies to create sustainable changes by building new habits.

I am an experienced coach who has collaborated with my partners to develop a system that supports individual transformations. We utilize and adapt our system to fit the goals and practices of each client. There is no one-size-fits-all at The Goalden System. I am passionate about empowering others on their goal-setting journey. We founded this company to help others reach their goals in a way that is both tailored and supportive. While your goals are your own, you have my word that I am fully invested in seeing you succeed.

You belong here.

  • South Carolina, United States
Who I Help
  • Business Professionals
  • College Students
  • Individuals Seeking Goal Setting Support
  • Stay-At-Home Parents