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Coach K

Here to support you through your grief or self improvement journey!


About Coach

The Lotus Effect Coaching practice is here to support you in becoming the best version of yourself. To help you connect the dots and realize your patterns that have you stuck. Using thought provoking questions and tools to get you to your goals.

We also help you navigate the rough terrain of grief. Holding a safe place to allow you to be seen during the time of loss. All kinds of loss: relationships, miscarriages, love ones, jobs etc. We together we will honor your past and develop how to integrate it to your new future.

  • Louisiana, United States
  • Certificate in Personal Development Coaching
  • Certified Personal and Executive Coaching
Who I Help
  • Someone one who is open to new habits so they reach goals.
  • Someone who can’t understand why they can’t reach their next level.
  • Someone who feels like they are grieving alone
  • Someone who needs additional support with therapy.