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About Linda

Linda quickly builds rapport with her clients with her warm personality and ability to make connections. With her intuitive sense and empathetic nature along with her ability to challenge others in their thinking and habits, she deftly walks her clients through logical steps and provocative questions, helping them to innovate solutions and develop attainable action plans for achieving personal fulfillment and professional success. She is well-versed in the High Performance Institute's method of coaching and is a Certified High Performance Coach. Linda’s love of languages and cultures coupled with her genuine compassion and curiosity give her the skills to effectively communicate with clients from all backgrounds.


Certified High Performance Coach
Certified John Maxwell Executive Director / Coach / DISC Certified Trainer
Entrepreneur / Planet Fitness Business Owner / Operator
Business Manager / HR Coordinator / Co-Owner of Architectural Business
Certified K-12 Teacher with a Bachelors in Education
Fluent Spanish Speaker
Former New Teacher Mentor and Staff Development Coordinator for HS Faculty
Mother of Four Fantastic Adults

Linda’s entrepreneurial experience owning and operating multiple franchise businesses adds to her credibility and gives her a unique perspective in the coaching field. In her own business affiliations, she has worked with people across a wide range of organizations and management levels, from customer service employees to C- suite personnel to senior-level executives; Linda draws upon these experiences to help her coaching clients think more broadly, make better connections, and create positive and lasting transformation on all levels. Her intuitive nature and ability to challenge help her to draw out insights and generate commitments to action in her clients that are the keys to their growth. With her contagious enthusiasm and genuine empathy, Linda supports her clients so they believe they can accomplish their goals and live joy-filled and engaged lives.

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Education with certifications in Spanish and English, Linda was an inspiring high school teacher for over 17 years. She has mentored and coached both students and colleagues, utilizing techniques she learned through training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Education and Youth Empowerment and through researching and coordinating staff development for an entire faculty. She successfully helped to guide four children into adulthood and grew immensely through the time period when she was a stay-at-home mom helping with the family business “in her spare time.”

Growing up in Nebraska, Linda learned the value of family and the ethics of working hard towards one’s goals. Her time teaching in the San Francisco Bay Area gave her a great appreciation for diversity and a broadened world perspective. For the last 23 years, Linda has made northern Idaho her home where she has developed a greater love for the outdoors and enjoyed the charm of community and life in a small university town.

  • Idaho, United States