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Bianca Giulione

Cosmic Clarity Coach


About Bianca

I’m here to help you incorporate and integrate the life forces that will serve
you best on the level of mind, body, and soul.

By working together, you’ll learn the cosmic roadmap to your soul according to Human Design and Astrology.

You’ll trust the unique wisdom of your body with confidence

and learn exactly how YOU can tap into it.

You’ll be able to follow through on your ideas, passions, and creative projects with ease!

You’ll feel and maintain a sense of balance in different areas of your life.

You’ll gain clarity on your next steps and learn how to stay motivated.

You’ll feel a stronger connection to your soul and unique life purpose.

With an increasingly holistic and cosmic perspective on yourself and your path, you’ll learn how to:

~ trust yourself more

~ make aligned decisions

~ work easily with your energy to follow through on your passions

~ avoid burnout + thrive

~ find health and balance in non-restrictive way

~ feel clarity on a daily basis

  • Greece