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Evelyn Szumski

I help executives & professionals improve their presence & overcome impostor Syndrome. I build habits of success using the latest Neuroscience based tools and techniques and improve overall wellbeing.


About Evelyn

I coach leaders at all levels, in both the technical and non-technical worlds, helping them build confidence, engage staff, improve productivity, remove blockers, overcome imposter syndrome and navigate a world of constant changes and challenges. I also specialize in coaching executives and leaders in understanding their beliefs, habits and Emotional Intelligence to improve all aspects of wellbeing.

From my own life experience as the daughter of immigrant parents, I experienced firsthand the biases that come into play and the real impacts. This gave me insight and curiosity into different human behaviors' and led me studying all around wellbeing. Not only from a health perspective, also from the social, mental and emotional perspective. The important role our subconscious mind and habits play in every part of our lives in determining our success has become a key area of study for me and has led to being an accredited Senior Habit Practitioner with the Habit Change institute

My coaching experience is underpinned by 20 years of corporate experience in a wide variety of corporate management and leadership roles. During this time, I learned how to navigate managing working with many different generations. When I'm not coaching, I love to connect with nature and I love the challenge of putting flat packs together.

  • Australia
Who I Help
  • c-suite
  • directors
  • executives
  • professionals
  • vp's