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Jennifer Sbalcio

I love helping shopaholics become more conscious & responsible shoppers. I help you become mindful not only of what you're bringing in, but what you surround yourself with and keep.


About Jennifer

I LOVE Shopping. Still do.

I used to shop any chance I could.
I'm great at finding deals & buying gifts.

But my closets, spare bedroom, garage, and car became packed with all of my finds and my husband was not very happy.
It was stressing him out and I also realized I didn't want to keep living this way.

I started taking decluttering courses, reading articles, and listening to podcasts again.
Plus, I started digging deeper:
Why do I keep shopping for things I'm never going to wear or use?
Why do I have such a hard time letting go?

I halted my shopping, had some yard sales, did some re-selling, and donated tons to charity.

Today I still shop but I'm more mindful of what I bring in and what I keep.

And this is what I'm excited to help you with.

  • California, United States
Who I Help
  • People interested in reselling
  • People who love to shop
  • People with charitable hearts
  • People with hoarding tendencies
  • Shopaholics