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About Kadine

Hi my name is Kadine Cooper a Career Transition Coach, Consultant, Trainer, & Speaker to ambitious women who are stuck on the corporate ladder, my superpower is coaching managers, and C suite level executives who experience the stress and impact of walking the tight rope between being a high achiever in the workplace and being their best at home for their family.

I help you discover your own unique formula using your intuitive skills and talents to regain clarity with your career goals, increase your confidence, and fine-tune your assertive presence, so you can lead a more fulfilling career life, walk in your purpose, and show up unapologetic as your fierce self.
With over 20 years of corporate HR experience and the proud mama of 3 beautiful boys, I know what it feels like to walk that tight rope, to feel the push and pull of your career and home life, to feel unfulfilled and stuck with nowhere to turn. If you want to land your dream job and earn the compensation that you deserve schedule time with me today.

  • Canada