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About Gina

hi, I'm Gina Clear. With a name like mine, I have to try and live up to it ;- )

What lights me up is motivating others to improve their lives and navigate their way through these wild and ever-changing times to really take their place and make a difference in the world. I do that by helping people think clearly, speak clearly, and act clearly.
I'm a communications trainer and coach, an executive coach & a life coach. Whether I'm supporting leaders, managers, young adults or politicians, it's always about helping them understand and organise what's happening inside so they can make a difference on the outside.
That can be about confidence, attitude, relationships....basically, the clearer we are with ourselves, the clearer we will be with others, and that's how we'll find our true place at work, at home, in the world in general.
I'd be delighted to support you along your journey (and I can do that in English or French) ;- )
See you soon!

  • France
  • ICF ACC (associate certified coach)
  • Transactional Analysis Organisational Coach
  • Wayfinder Life Coach, Martha Beck International
Who I Help
  • Executives,
  • Leaders
  • Managers
  • Young adults