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Celia Sugg

Stop Feeling Like Your Anxiety is Controlling You, Start Feeling in Control of Your Anxiety


About Celia

I'm Celia, a 20 + year Mental Health Professional and Anxiety Coach, helping people overcome anxiety and emotional overwhelm from a Christian perspective using a simple, evidence based, step-by step method.

If you're a faith filled person, committed to doing and being your best in everything, experiencing success in a lot of areas of life, I bet most people don't know you struggle with anxiety. You are not alone!

Most people who I help are like you...

Maybe no one at work knows you're struggling... no one at church knows you're struggling... your friends don't know the extent of your struggles... but the inner angst of anxiety is exhausting and depleting, and you want to be free from it. You need the internal state of your feelings to match the external appearance of your life.

That used to be me too, I get it.

There is a way out of anxiety, and it's simpler than you think. I found my way out, I've helped hundreds of therapy and coaching clients find their way out, and I'm here to help if you're ready to find your way out too! You can go from feeling overwhelmed by anxiety to confidently knowing exactly how to stop anxiety in its tracks, any time, in any situation (without years of therapy, unwanted medication, or forever frustration that your faith isn’t overcoming your fear).

Over the decades working as a licensed mental health professional specializing in the treatment of anxiety and trauma, I’ve seen that so many of my anxious clients do not need therapy, they need solid outside perspective and coaching to understand the cause of their anxiety and learn the skills that work for them to overcome it.

I help Christians who are struggling with fear and anxiety in spite of their faith identify their blind spots in the mind/body/spirit connection, and then master 6 simple and specific skills from a faith based, whole person perspective to stop anxiety in its tracks. My goal is to equip you with tools you can use on your own for a lifetime so that you can navigate your way out of negative cycles of anxiety and live as the person God designed you to be!

  • Colorado, United States
Who I Help
  • Christians, Entrepreneurs, High Performers, High Achievers