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About Bob Britz

Bob Britz, Founder
Developer of the CareerCOACH System™

Bob Britz is the founder of CareerCOACH™ Services and creator of the CareerCOACH System™, a proven process to help people find meaningful, fulfilling, and financially rewarding employment. He is an expert in human behavior and motivation and a results-focused entrepreneur. Bob has unique approaches for helping job-seekers in entry-level, middle, and advanced phases of their careers. In addition to entrepreneur and global
career coach, Bob is a business consultant, author, speaker, and professional recruiter.

Bob Britz’s CareerCOACH System™ is designed to accelerate the job-seeker’s search for a career that aligns with their passions and workstyle preferences and meets their compensation goals. The CareerCOACH System is anchored in the TTI DISC Behavior and Motivation® Assessments, a series of tools designed to improve teamwork and understand workstyle preferences and communication styles. Bob selected TTI DISC behavior assessments as the cornerstone of his career coaching practice, because it integrates methodologies from all previous leading theories in human behavior and assessments, resulting in the most robust, rigorous, and accurate assessments available.

In 2019, Bob launched a licensing and certification program to allow independent life and business coaches the opportunity to expand their business offerings, while reaching more job-seekers with the CareerCOACH™ accelerated method for finding the right job. Under Bob’s guidance and mentorship, all CareerCOACH™ Licensees complete an intensive, 80-hour CareerCOACH™ Certification process, providing them with expert-level training in helping job-seekers achieve their career goals and significantly impact their lives. Bob is focused on establishing a CareerCOACH™ Services presence in all 50 US states.

While expanding CareerCOACH Services, along with recruiting and mentoring exceptional licensed coaches who have joined the practice, Bob finds immense satisfaction in working with his individual clients and teams. Bob teaches his clients how to achieve personal and corporate success through honest assessment and inspired action plans. His keen ability to drill down to core relationships between people and business operations ignites innovation and intention-based workplace behaviors that lead to personal growth and a career is fulfilling, impactful, and rewarding.

Bob’s business experience spans more than 25 years in a range of industries including finance, retail, healthcare, information technology, and professional services. He has held leadership positions as an executive, director, and manager for strategic planning, sales, operations, and training and development in small, mid-size, and large companies. The breadth of his education, training, experience, and access to industry resources and pivotal relationship positions Bob Britz as an expert in business operations, sales methodologies, and revenue generation, as well as team-building, acquisition, and development. In addition to his hundreds of professional clients, Bob has mentored nearly 2,000 young entrepreneurs through volunteer mentorship programs.

Bob Britz earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and completed Business Economics coursework at the University of California at Berkeley, where he was also a Student Advisor from 1985 until 2019. He is TTI Success Insights® DISC Certified, TTI Motivators® Certified, and CareerCOACH™ Certified. Bob is the author of a series of books titled, Hire Me! 28 Days to a New Job, targeted toward job-seekers in early, mid, and advanced career stages. Bob also holds a US technology patent.

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