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About TerriSue

Career Coaching ~Burn Out Recovery ~ Employment Law Coach

As a qualified employment law coach with 17 years international HR experience, l help clients to get clarity on why they feel like they are always exhausted, hate their job/life/boss and want to run away to a desert island!

If you currently feel like rage quitting you job, PLEASE PLEASE don't do this until we have a call as this will save you thousands of pounds!!

If you were to look back yourself in 1 years' time, I promise you, you will be delighted you had someone to guide you to make better and wiser long-term decisions in relation to your life and career. I will guide you to a happier more fulfilled and content work/life balance.

Top 5 Reasons Clients Reach Out:

1. Burnout at work and lost in their career
2. Are feeling like rage quitting your job! -please don't do this until we have a call first!
2.Working in a Toxic Environment/Boss
3. Need Employment Law Advice Fast!
4. You are under a workplace investigation
5. Been let go from your role and want to understand your employment rights/laws

Please don't be afraid to reach out, if you need support.

Connect with me on Instagram @thehrhead or email [email protected]

A more content and better life is waiting......

  • Ireland
  • Masters in Healthcare
  • Post Grad Diploma in Applied Employment Law
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Training, Coaching & Development
Who I Help
  • burnt out employees
  • employees