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Anne Arthur

Sacred Space for Soul Work


About Anne

My life path, for over 25 years, has included a dedication to the inner journey and I hold deep respect for those who may feel called to do inner work—out of necessity or choice.

Coaching is part of my offering.

My professional life also includes a lengthy career in public-facing roles in the tech industry (I studied Mathematics at University) and a life chapter co-creating a “mom and pop” small town local eatery with my life partner.

If any of these are interests they can be woven into our work together:
• Sacred Enneagram & Essence Work
• Systemic Constellations (Personal, Family, Ancestral, Other)
• Inner Child Healing, Inner Critic and other parts work
• Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression (PLR) & Guided Meditation
• Personal Life Transition Coaching
• Spiral Dynamics
• Integration of material from dreams, breathwork & other expanded states
• Transpersonal & Jungian approaches (such as Grof Perinatal Birth Matrices, Shadow, Archetypal, Myth & Symbolic material)
• Perspectives from Astrology, Tarot & other Intuitive Arts
• Energy Clearings using SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy)
• Grief & Loss processing and resourcing
• Creative & Devotional practices

  • Washington, United States
  • Coach
  • Enneagram
  • Holotropic Breathwork®
  • Hypnotherapy
  • SoulCollage®
  • Spiral Dynamics
  • Systemic Family Constellations
Who I Help
  • Adults who are seeking depth or soul work - not from a mental health therapist
  • Enneagram lens for inner work
  • Integration of material from breathwork or other non-ordinary state journeys
  • Life transition coaching for mid-life and beyond
  • Those who feel they may be carrying collective or ancestral burdens