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About Pamela

Pamela has worked in the business world for over three decades and has also run her own business for the last 8 years. She's loving dubbed "The Brick Wall Coach" because of the work she does with her clients, helping them break through all the areas in business where they feel stuck or overwhelmed.

Specializing in business operations, Pamela brings a unique perspective to the people she works with by helping them push through any indecision & overwhelm so they can create impact & income.

Her passion is helping others to overcome the daily struggles of running a business.

Having worked with all types of entrepreneurs including coaches, consultants, financial professionals, creatives, entertainers, & healthcare professionals, Pamela enjoys working with people who truly desire to collaborate and move the needle forward in their business.

By rising above all the moving parts, she will take a high-level view of your situation, and help you establish processes and structure, create accountability, and create a clear roadmap of strategic next steps.

  • South Carolina, United States
Who I Help
  • creative agencies
  • creative entrepreneurs
  • creatives
  • entrepreneurs
  • freelancers
  • solopreneurs