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About Jami

I help women become empowered to make healthy life, work, lifestyle, and relationship choices and move from "ugh" to "Yesssss!" in their lives.

Wake up feeling comfortable in your own skin, knowing that what you do is meaningful and feeling good about who you want close to you in your life. Yes, this is possible. If you want a life worth living, then let's talk.

After spending too many years where I was miserable as a result of poor choices that sabotaged *my* success, I took steps to live a life where I thrive: I have established healthy relationships, made strategic business decisions, and re-written my life narrative. I'm holding out my hand to you now. You can do this. I can help.

As a certified professional life coach, I welcome all who identify as women; I want nothing more than to journey with you to wherever you want to go.

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  • Connecticut, United States
  • Master Certified Professional Coach
Who I Help
  • entrepeneurs
  • mothers
  • professional women
  • single parents
  • women
  • young women