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Sophie Vaessen

Direction ā€“ Performance ā€“ Wellbeing. (Re)Balance your life/career path.


About Sophie

The moment I asked myself what I actually want, brought me to where I am today: Shaping my career to my own liking and helping others to do the same.

I have coached 15+ people into shaping their careers to be radically different, more effortless, intriguing and fulfilling ā€“ and am happy to help you do so, too.

Iā€™m a trained Strengths Coach (Gallup), certified Mindset Coach and NLP Practitioner, and soon to be Clinical Breathwork and Nervous System Regulation Practitioner. Also I like to incorporate Human Design / Astrology if that feels expansive for my clients.

When coached by me, we'll likely take strengths coaching as the basis and add in different modalities to create the best result.

  • Germany
  • Certified Life & Success Coach
  • Clinical Breathwork
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • Hypnosis
  • NLP Practitioner
Who I Help
  • Employees
  • Start Ups
  • Young Professionals