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About Nazlee

Meet Nazlee Mayhew, an entrepreneur, wife, mom, ICF accredited Life Coach, Business and Mindset Coach, Course creator and motivational speaker.

By building rapport with her clients, being an active listener and holding space for them, she empowers them to go on a self-discovery journey and :

1. Become better decision making leaders without feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

2. Reduce feeling lost, fearing failure or doubting their capabilities as a leader.

3. Enhance their strengths and soft skills and create a growth mindset which helps them flourish in their careers and life.

4. Increase their visibility among senior executive leaders and are not afraid to speak up.

5. Be advocates for gender equality and reduce the biases and barriers that women face.

6. Succeed in attracting and retaining talented employees which reduces recruitment costs.

Our services are personalized as every company has it’s own vision, goals, unique challenges and desired outcomes. Their desire is to build an inclusive culture with a structured workforce where employees are motivated to succeed as well.

When employees have a sense of belonging and feel seen, heard and valued, they are engaged, motivated and have job satisfaction. This in turn boosts their performance and productivity which increases profits for the Organisation.

Global Mindset Solutions offers individual one-to-one coaching, leadership coaching and Diversity and Inclusion workshops. We use our leadership coaching expertise which is evidence based, tried and tested and future focused. Our success is embedded in our practical and engaging hands-on tools and techniques which are easily implemented into a person's daily life.

Does this sound good?

Let’s have a coffee chat where we can help you kick start your self-discovery journey and see if we’re a good fit to work together.

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