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About Amber

Amber Waugaman provides crucial development coaching to leaders & professionals. She partners with you or your organization to upskill, reskill, establish, expand & apply highly-effective leadership skills, grow, strengthen & sustain long-lasting transferrable skills, heighten self-awareness, and overcome insecurities, low confidence, & imposter syndrome.

If you’re feeling unfulfilled, under-challenged, under-appreciated, insecure, overwhelmed, frustrated, and/or dispirited, it’s often helpful to turn to a neutral, objective coach who can act as a sounding board and judgment-free confidante for issues that can’t or shouldn’t be addressed with others internally.

If you want to maximize your impact as an organization and create a competitive advantage by developing your leaders and employees, hiring an Executive Coach is a powerful way to do this. Coaching is one of the most effective professional development tools to advance company goals and engage & motivate employees. Find out more information at

  • Vermont, United States
  • ICF PCC (in progress-Spring 2023)
Who I Help
  • Executives
  • Individuals
  • Leaders
  • Professionals