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About Amy Lyn

Amy Lyn is a mindset life coach and consultant with 20+ years helping companies and entrepreneurs feel more confident.

A little about me....
Here's your classic marketing intro: I help entrepreneurs create confidence, find more time in their day and achieve goals so that they can have their desired lifestyle and success and staying happy doing it.

Our focus together will be about having a healthy mindset,using clear communication and taking action to make progress. You will learn to make better decisions, end thought-patterns that are holding you back, and create systems that stick as you become happier in reaching your goals. You will become so solid in who you are and why you are here that your compass is going to always easily direct you on your path. My goal is for you to be so comfortable making choices that you can more quickly get to your goals in life. We will take action. We will be fierce and we will serve others. And we will laugh.

Working one-on-one with me, I can hold you accountable but only if you are the kind of person that wants to do the work. ;)

Why work with me?

I would also like to answer that with - "who shouldn't work with me".

I am not for everyone. I am not for the wishy-washy or those that “think” they might want to dabble in a business. I am for the semi-seasoned entrepreneur who has a nagging desire in their heart and head that they want to do more with their life and help others without feeling so burned out. I am for the person who fully believes in their future but might have a little doubt about which path to take next and needs to build their own trust. I am not for those looking to bitch about their the drama for your mama, or your therapist. Life coaching is not therapy but it may change your outlook.

I have spent 20+ years in marketing communications, design and business strategy for small businesses, non-profits, the arts, wellness and more. I know the struggles of the entrepreneur and I know the value of having a mentor and coach. I was fortunate to have many along my way.

My focus won’t be on how you build your business, rather it is on the mindset it takes to be the leader and how to stay happy while doing the work. Working with me will help you see and validate ideas on your path and know who you are -- which then becomes your REAL personal brand. When you are aligned with yourself, your ideas flow, your focus is clear and your business will THRIVE. Can’t wait to get to know you. Send me a message to get started.

-- Amy Lyn

  • Florida, United States