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Efe Ogundowole

We have control over OUR choice of thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, values and behaviour….we can’t control others but we can control how we react to their choices.


About Efe

Hi there, I am a Life and Wellness coach with a degree in Business Administration. Over
the years, I have held roles within the Customer experience, Telecommunications
and Banking industries, whilst living and traveling across 5 continents which
availed me the opportunity to equip myself with essential skill and training to
assist others in achieving their potential. I constantly seek to impact others in a positive
manner and I am passionate about the power of communication and its
importance in work-life balance.
I currently head the skill, learning and development team at
GetFundedAfrica, striving to create a better future in our community.

  • Ghana
  • Associated Certified Coach - Life Coaching Academy, Australia
  • Member of Association of Coaching Practitioners Ghana
  • NLP Practitioner - LCA, Australia
  • Wellness Practitioner - LCA, Australia
Who I Help
  • Couples
  • Women
  • Young Adults