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Howard Blackburn

Helping leaders create more time, more connection & more impact. Discover your pathway to thrive WITHOUT abandoning your ambition.


About Howard

Hi there, I'm Howard!
An experienced people leader with 15+ experience leading teams from 5-100.

Whilst I have had a successful career in leadership, it wasn't always that way!
I normalised 60+ hour weeks, burnout and a “work hard to get what you want” mindset.

All I was doing was encouraging and continuing a culture of leadership that has been halting the sustainability of businesses for years on end.

I soon realised, I was addicted…
Addicted to "busy".

Busy, was how I measured success.
I wore it as a badge of honour, it became my brand.

Thankfully I was able to beat this addiction (check out more of my story on the website) and create Pathrive.

On a mission is to “Unglorify Busy”.
I want to give leaders the power to create
more time, more connection and more impact.

I’d love to connect with you and see where you’re at on your leadership journey!

If it’s busy, we’ll blaze it.

  • Australia
Who I Help
  • Busy leaders
  • People leaders
  • Team leaders