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Emmanuel Vermeulen

Helping ambitious entrepreneurs find inner freedom and have more time while working less


About Emmanuel

I've done the impossible.

I've healed an incurable autoimmune disease, that kept me bedridden for 2 years, with the power of my MIND.

The deep work in coaching with me is based on ALL that I learned in my healing journey, which I now apply in every aspect of life.

Now, I invite you to do the same.

I work as a mindset expert with experience in helping people to retrain their minds for success. Whether this is to bust out of your draining job, uplevel your business, find your passion in life or gain clarity on what you want to do, I'm your man.

My superpower is to provide a powerful, safe space for you to uncover your deepest obstacles which we will resolve together.

Here are the results to expect:
- Feel in financial overflow instead of ‘never enough’ anxiety
- Find inner peace and experience true freedom
- Reignite your passion and excitement for your business
- Raise your productivity and overcome procrastination

- Embrace all of you through radical self-acceptance
- More time for self-care and fun while working less
- Feeling fulfilled and joyful about your daily life
- Have a strategy to achieve your goals and dreams

I've been extensively trained in coaching, mindfulness, meditation, deep listening and problem-solving.

Send me a message and let's chat.
I'd love to help you!

  • South Africa
Who I Help
  • Entrepreneurs