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Angela Maroosis

Butterfly Creation


About Angela

Sometimes the people & situations in our lives surprise or shock us with sudden curveballs.
At times the struggles can create a sense of feeling weary, alone, or even uncertain what you can do next.
I am a Growth Mindset Life Coach, Empath & Intuitive Channel, supporting others through the journey of personal empowerment to reach their goals & dreams.
My skills help to lead you in finding your way through present life conditions to recognize & celebrate your uniqueness through the experience of your choices, personal growth, & worthiness.
When we willingly open ourselves to sharing a space of trust, respect, and honesty, we nurture mutually supportive connections and build more positive experiences.
Butterfly Creations is my passion & the expression of my life’s learning that we are all capable of making positive changes & having a more enjoyable life.

  • Canada
Who I Help
  • entreprenuers
  • high ticket clients