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About Jeanine

A former perfectionist who struggled with setting boundaries, Jeanine spent years of her life in a toxic relationship feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, and undervalued.

Amidst a battle with cancer, she experienced a transformational mindset shift that unlocked her untapped potential. This shift unleashed the start of new thoughts and beliefs that grew into courage and confidence to take massive action and rebuild a new life.

Life changes when we think differently, believe differently have the courage to make different choices, and confidently keep pressing forward. By understanding, adapting, and shifting our mindset we can improve our health, decrease our stress, and become more resilient to life's challenges.

Individuals who seek Jeanine's services often struggle with: Stress and overwhelm, setting boundaries, perfectionism, fear of failure, and feeling stuck in life.
Jeanine's 1-to-1 Coaching service helps clients shed their self-doubt, identify limiting beliefs, reframe new thoughts, and take empowered action in their lives.

  • Texas, United States
  • Certified Behavior Change Specialist
  • Certified Life Coach