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About Rhyan

As a trauma recovery coach, I use a non-judgmental, whole-body approach to help trauma survivors express their true selves, while learning how to live a life that they actually love living. In my work, I specialize in complex trauma, inner child healing, and emotion regulation.

My mission is to help others feel less alone in the world and help them see their true potential because I strongly believe that we all have the capacity to heal. It doesn't matter what happened, who it was, how long ago it happened, or where you were; we all deserve to heal and we all have the ability to heal if we want to.

My work can be for you, even if you've never experienced trauma. Some topics I have helped clients with include, but are not limited to: perfectionism, boundary & goal setting, self-love & self-worth, emotion and nervous system regulation, relationship struggles, understanding intimacy, and dealing with life adaptations.

  • New York, United States
  • Certified Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach
  • Certified Nutrition Coach
  • Certified Professional Life Coach
Who I Help
  • childhood trauma
  • cptsd
  • intergenerational trauma
  • ptsd
  • Trauma Survivors